-Virginia Scribner Mallard -
Echoes & Tracings
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star gazer
chrysalis unfolding
star tracks
The series title is an accurate description of its source--memories (echoes): Memories of people, places--and many, many dreams.

The Tracings are the personal or soul journeys within each form.
In this series the forms derive from oriental stimuli.

The kimono form needs little explanation since it is seen as it would be displayed ina museum collection.

The second garment form is the native dress of the Maio-a Northern Mongolian tribe.

The various shapes,
the fangyi,
the lei,
the kuei and
the ho,
are Chinese bronze ceremonial vessels dating from 12th century BC. The chimera is the guardian of the household in Chinese mythology.

Stargazer ll
30 x 24
Chrysalis Unfolding
30 x 24
Star Tracks (Maioa)
22 x 22

missing image
missing image
Life Turnings (fangyi)
12 x 9
Morrocan Magic (fangyi)
12 x 9
Meanderings (kuei)
15 x 22

the fire below
the sentinel
ancient mesa
The Fire Below (lei)
22 x 15
The Sentinel (chimera)
18 x 25
Ancient Mesa (kuei)
30 x 24

ancient symbols
ancient symbols
ancient symbols
Ancient Symbols (ho)
30 x 24
I Ching#11-- Peace
30 x 25
I Ching #24 -- The Turning Point
20.5 x 30

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